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The cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are one of the most confused things in the world. People always get confused with these two surgeries as they both deal with the alteration of the body. If you are a person who has thought that both the surgeries are same, do not feel bad as many people get confused with cosmetic surgery Vs. plastic surgery.
Plastic surgery is the procedure which involves reconstruction of facial defects or body defects which were there from your birth, or if you have had an accident where you had some deformation in your body, then you can get plastic surgery to fix things in your body.

Cosmetic surgery is when you need some facial alteration to enhance your looks and beauty. Many use cosmetic surgery to get a nose job or a boob job. People also use cosmetic surgery to have a chin lift or a face enhancement. The cosmetic surgery is mostly done by celebrities whose career depends on the looks of them.

The goals for plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are different:

Before a patient decides to have cosmetic surgery, the doctor has to advise the patient to be happy with how they look as once a cosmetic surgery is done it can not be reversed. Whether you like it or not there is no way you can get your old face back.
The scope of cosmetic surgery is to enhance the looks of a person. Some of the enhancement areas are breast enhancement, facial contouring, facial rejuvenation, body contouring, skin rejuvenation.
Breast enhancement:
Breast enhancement is the process of augmentation of the breast or giving the breast lift or reducing it.
Facial contouring: a face life is given by altering the chin, cheeks or by doing rhinoplasty.
Body contouring: if the patient feels that they are too obese then through cosmetic surgery you can do a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a gynecomastia surgery.
Skin rejuvenation: skin enhancements are done to improve the skin by laser resurfacing and filler treatments.

The plastic surgery focuses on the reconstruction of the damaged parts of the body. Some of the main things which are focused on are the birth disorder, body defects, trauma, burns, diseases, and accidents.
The dysfunctional areas of the body are corrected through plastic surgery.
Some of the examples of plastic surgery are breast reconstruction, burn repair surgery, congenital disability repair of the cleft palate, extremity defect repair, hand surgery and scar revision surgery.

Cosmetic surgery training is different from plastic surgery practice:

The plastic surgeon needs to know various fields like hand surgery, disorders, reconstructive surgery, trauma surgery, congenital disability repair and cosmetic surgery.
The cosmetic surgery surgeon trains on Breast surgery, face surgery, other cosmetic surgery, and liposuction.
Thus cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are quite different streams, and people often forget the fact that both are different. A surgeon must advise and treat his patients accordingly and give proper counselling to his patients.

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